Troubling Her

A Biblical Defense of Women in Ministry

Troubling Her

Written by TroublingHer on August 4, 2009

Walk in the fullness of God’s calling on your life!
If you are a woman called to ministry, grappling with your calling, or want a fuller understanding of what the Bible teaches about women in ministry, Troubling Her explores what the Scriptures teach about women and leadership in the Church. Learn:

  • How God called, equipped, and used women leaders in both the Old and New Testaments, and continues to do so today;
  • Why human traditions, not the Bible, have prevented women from serving God in ministry;
  • How well-meaning (and some not-so-well-meaning) Christians and ministers misinterpret what the Bible says about women in ministry; and
  • About God’s view of leadership (hint: it’s gift-centered, not gender-centered)

There are a lot of books currently available on women in ministry, but this one is different. Why? Because it does not use cultural arguments in refuting traditional interpretations of 1 Timothy 2, 1 Corinthians 14 and other verses. Instead, Troubling Her argues that understanding those verses within the entire context of the Bible leads to different interpretations. So rather than suggesting that what the Bible teaches is untrue (or only true for certain time periods) Troubling Her argues that the view of God has always been the same–that women are called to lead–and that viewing the Bible in its entire context reveals this truth.

Don’t allow yourself to be troubled any longer by those who would hinder you from fulfilling God’s will for your life. Move into your calling today.

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